Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Easter messages to send to Friends and family. Happy Easter!!!!!!

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Aaaaaa!! Wau!! Easter! Easter! Yeah! Easter break is here, most of us are really anticipating for this coming weekend since one lots of celebration are going to take place and two it's a four day break from work. Yeah! I am glad that these 4 days break exists yearly. But Easter Sunday is making a highlight this year since it's falling on April 1, which is also April Fool's day. I can't imagine some of the hilarious stories people will come with. Especially Kenyans.

Also It's said the appearance the full moon affects the period when Easter will falling on our calendars, i think this now makes sense. I mean before i have always asked myself how comes Easter is not a particular or specific and constant date like Christmas and new year. Anyway who am i to explain to you, when i don't know much about Easter. All i have always known all through my life, is that Easter is a very special sacred period for christians. Where people go to church and later celebrate it with their family and friends. Most catholics will explain better.

Anyway as we celebrate this Easter let us share these picture messages with our family and friends; 

Wishing you and your family the happiest Easter of all. 

Symbols like Easter egg and bunnies make us remember this day. 
Hoping that God's blessing come bringing happiness. 

Happy Easter!! 

Happy blessed Easter!! 

Whenever you wake up to a new life everyday, thank The Lord for his favour and Grace is with you. 

Happy Easter! 

This day is about letting our heart be glad. 
Celebrate with joy this wonderful day and have hope. 

Have a Blessed Easter!Happy Easter to you , 
let us celebrate this greatest day that was sacrifice by Jesus Christ, that he died on the cross for us. 

Have a blessed Easter. 

The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him. 

Happy Easter! 

After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will restore us, that we may live in his presence. 

Happy Easter everyone! 

Why not celebrate this day.We all need to feel blessed because a new life is given to us today! 

Happy Easter! 

To you my love.Happy Easter.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Happy womens day everyone.

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This is always an important day for all women in the world. I too would feel appreciated when i get to have a day set aside just to celebrate me. If you haven't noticed this day is always on the eighth day of March, many refer this day as International Women’s Day (IWD).

Most people acknowledge this day significantly to empower women, so that they can see in one way or the other that they are acknowledged and appreciated by people around them.This could also be the perfect day to wish that special woman in anyone’s life. Wife or girlfriend, mother or sister, teacher or friend, bosses and significant women in our countries.

Sometimes this significant days are set aside to remind us to appreciate people in our lives. If you look at social media now, these platforms are really exploring with quotes and sms to those women they are recognizing. Sometimes those sweet words help us open our eye.

But you don't have to wait for this day to celebrate this day. Show this significant people appreciation in one way or the other. Like the significant women in our countries let us acknowledge them by adding their doing in history. To remind our kids of their importance whether they are alive or dead. Apart from that we don't have to wait to be appreciated for who we are to see we are doing good. Just do good.

So this day ask yourself the following 10 questions as a woman;

1. Are you making your everyday the 8th March day?

2. Are you happy?

3. Do you do good everyday?

4.Are you responsible?

5.Who runs your word?

6. Have you forgiven you?

7. Can you do it?
8. How do you weigh your standards?

9.Which woman have you supported in your life?

10. Do you have time for you?

Anyway Happy women's day my lovelies. Remember 
“A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Turning 30 "Happy birthday to me!"

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Its my birthday! Its my birthday!

 In the next 24 hours I want to celebrate me, but am not sure how to am gonna do that. Anyway i consider myself lucky since I am still alive and me being here is a definite sign that God is giving me this chance to amend 20s life and make a difference in my 30s.
It's my first time being 30 and it feels normal. Yeah! it's my first time. I must say this because some of us have been the same age year in year out. We fear admitting that we are ageing. I remember hitting 25 and I was having a panic attack, since i could see for a fact that am really ageing and yet I haven't attained any achievements and worse of all I haven't attained any goals. 

But You know what? Am going to embrace my 30 with zeal and hope to enlighten my self with more life experiences. I mean it's pointless to blame and feel sorry for myself since i don’t have or i have not attained all the goal i had in mind and worse if all i have nothing on my to show as my accomplished by this age. The fact is i can’t change the hands of time. But what makes me focus ahead was having the positive thoughts and just the idea and thought that i am 30 makes me feel like the name big sister, mum and wife suits me better.
Today as I write this it 25th of February 2018, just few hours before i hit the bit big 30, but I want to tell my 30 self to;
  • Always embracing life with Optimism and hope to makes the impossible possible.
  • Never to doubt my capabilities and abilities.
  • Make an outstanding story out of my life and make a difference to other people's life. Hee! am not sure what am talking about but i look forward to accomplishing this. I mean i have a whole decade before i hit 40.
  • Take one step at a time.
  • let my self out there and face my fears- My biggest fear has always been being judged but lately i have a confidence that has totally surpassed my fears.  
Turning 30 to most of us could feel so scary. Especially if in your 20 you had the fears of hitting 30, which is always our limit age when it attaining our dream position in life, career wise, personal life and other stages in life. And yet we have not accomplished any of our goals and any achievements as we expected. From having kids, to having a great dream job, not forgetting the big dream being to get married or marrying.

Just like many of us i never imagined hitting 30, I saw it from a far and though I have a long way to go. And whenever I heard someone say he or she was 30 I would be like it so unfortunate they are already there, but now i dare to say that I think I’m actually happier, hopeful, i have become a great believer of life, and the thought that I can making my own decisions summarises the fact that I have indeed grown up. My positive vibe comes from my family and friends. That i have to say. 
Reasons why we are all scared of hitting 30 is because;

  • The idea of being referred and categorised among the old scares us. No one wants to be called old. Even if you know for real you are.
  • Fear that time is running out and you haven’t achieved anything. Especially us ladies menopause comes knocking before we know it.
  • As you are growing old you are less likely to get a job. Since most jobs consider certain age brackets. It will be so unfortunate if the jobs you are applying quotes an age bellow 30 as one of the qualification.

Anyway enough of the reality, we are already 30. As for me i have thought of ways i am going to make my 30s fun. Off-cause am going to;

  • Think about my accomplishments-
    achievements in my twenties gives me confidence that am going to so better in my 30s.
  • Embrace my failures-
    Accepting that am already 30 and yet I have not attained anything is the only way I will move on and accomplish more without feeling disappointed.
  • Accepting that am not perfect-
    no more pressure to attain my unattainable goals. My idea is to take everything slow. 
  • No more comparisons-  Comparison has always been the killer of my dreams. Why compare myself with friends and colleagues. making talent, dreams, ideas and career better is what should be in my mind. Have you ever heard of a saying that goes “Every flower blooms at a different pace.” Yah I always remember that.
  • Invest in my passion-
    I love blogging but its only until recent that I got balance and started blogging for real. I started blogging in 2016 but closed the site because i did have ideas as to how am going to make it work. But last year I got so into it and here I am.
  • Throw yourself a fantastic party- this coming decade is going to be a long journey so ushering it with great happiness is my goal. Like throwing myself a fabulous party. This is going to be a good start and it's going to be positive way and a way to help me remember all of the wonderful things that may have already happen or are going to happen in the next decade.
  • Look good and boost my confidence-
     good looks, the good experience you have attained in your work place and life gives you the confidence to face anything. Let us say you bought the one pair of shoes you have always eyed for along time. Once you buy and put it on you get the confidence to walk anywhere. This definitely reflects in our life. Take time to appreciate where are and give yourself time to jump start yourself again.
  • make plans-
     Coming to a point of me making plans is a great sign that i have definitely grown. In my 20s my idea was to explore life as it comes. I want to set goals, have targets, budget and tackle my priorities first. My goal is to face my 30s with a great level of maturity You know i want to make my dairy that i have always thought "What am i going to use it for?"
  • Grow career wise and appreciate its givings-
    i have always dreamt of getting a good, stable, paying job. At this state i can confidently say am financially stable and my living standard is at a point i have always dreamt of. This year i want to reward myself in a big way, i don't know how yet but i intend to.
  • Eat healthy-
    in my 20s i remember the least weight i was at was 55, that is when i just hit 20. Wau!! i remember vividly when i weighted myself, but it was expected since i was into sports. As much as i am making plans to do this and that i really need to take care of my health. Am thinking of eating healthy, as for exercising i would rather not have so much confidence in since am so sure without plan i would quite. But i am keeping the idea open and gradually hope to adopt it. But eating healthy is what i want to do.  
  • Test things for myself-
     someone once said being scared is a definite sign that you are doing what you should be doing. I have always hard the desire to try new ideas, but along the way i end up giving up, but what will i loose if try. I have come to realize finding a sweet spot will make your desires easy to fulfill. Am i making sense.
  • Lastly i want to have a close personal relationship with my God-
    without the almighty God i would definitely not be here. His grace is sufficient enough that all i can say is "Thank you Lord." 
So tell me how was your birthday or what plans do have for your birthday? As for me am all about adulting now and making more for my self. Happy birthday to my fellow birthday mate and those who we share the same birthday month. 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Void relationships.

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The 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and part of the 70s parents need to give the 80s and 90s babies lessons on marriage. From Christine, to civil, customary, Muslim and Hindu marriage, because they are using a totally different book. Most of the 80s and 90s babies are scared to partake this legal steps needed by them to finalize the marriage steps. They base their defense on the rituals needed to be followed for marriage to be complete to be very expensive and they have no knowledge about them. For example;
  • Introduction of the two parties to their families- Knowing each other’s back ground is very important, for example find out if he or she has siblings or parents. But you have to remember first reception defines you. Dress well and humbling yourself is very important. Also most people fear being judged so they would rather wait till they make some good cash before they go introduce their partners. But remember time is running out. Before you know it you will be parents. In my opinion the idea of you just going to each other’s home speaks out. Most of our parents went through the full ritual before he or she is allowed to stay with his or her partner. I know this is the 21 century but we need to do things the right way. Culture defines us.
  • Paying dowry- cultures are different when it comes to dowry, seeking advice on it is very essential. Most people are intermarrying. For example in Kenya we have 42 tribes and each one of them is defined by its culture, especially the ones affecting marriages do stand out a lot. Few of the 80s and 90s babies are aware of some of the sensitive cultures in their tribes, am I Wrong? How will they learn if it’s not from their parents?
  • The biggest and the most scary part being weddings. I mean come on let us forget the idea of a big perfect wedding. The 80s and 90s babies are of that idea, you know, having an outstanding wedding. Coming to appoint of it being a completion, but if you can afford it’s okay, if not why not go to the Attorney General. As you can see it’s not that expensive from this.

  • Lastly the idea of marriage just scares them. Others than the fear of being monogamous. Most of them get into it and whenever they cannot withstand the pressure they tend to give up leaving their partners with the whole responsibilities. This is because the boys haven’t learnt to be good responsible husbands and same to girls.
Parents better step in before it’s too late. Sometimes good husbands and wife's are built from learning. For those who are lucky to have parents am sure they have a hand full of good ideas when it comes to marriage since they have observed their parents. 

How did you the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s do it? I mean most of you got married and married early but still made it work. Statistics show they are the only ones who have managed to keep their marriages long to as long as 30- 40 years. Wau! That is a long time. Moreover husbands got a chance marry more than one wife and wives hard many children.

Most of the 80s and 90s babies are in void relationships thinking and forcing it to fit in marriage category. Giving birth and committing to a relationship that has no base. Let us think this through i mean;
  •  Introducing your partner to your parents does not cut it. 
  • Giving him or her an engagement ring does not guarantee your relationship to be marriage.
  • Having a child or children does not count it at all.

Paying part of the dowry does not make it legal either.

We need to undergo the full and complete rituals for it to be valid and earn the name marriage. The reason why this topic is bugging me is because issues are coming up among the youth and they have no idea how they are supposed to handle it. African countries, for example Kenya having different tribes, hence most parties intermarry forcing them to share and learn each other’s cultures.

Most of them assume. So the problem comes when something happens to either of them, yet they are staying together as married couples. In Africa most women follow their men's cultures since she is married there. Let us open our eyes and see where the problems could come. The other day a young man lost his girlfriend, they had gone so deep into their relationship, so trouble emerged because the guy had only visited the ladies family nothing hard been done counting it to be apart of marriage stages. Know tell me who will claim this lady and bury her. Or the other way round when the man dies leaving his girlfriend with children. Everyone will have an opinion according to his or her culture.

All I am saying to the 80s and 90s babies’ marriage is bigger than what they think it is. Let us learn our cultures and teach our children the importance of identity. Identity is very important remember that. Let us give our parents and children a break and save ourselves some embarrassments that without doubt can be avoided.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

These Couples are making headlines after Valentine's day in 254.

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1. Fridah and Mike.

If you borrowed a loan worth 2.8 million Kenya shilling what will do with it? Keeping in mind you are not borrowing from the bank or Sacco but your dad. Ladies check out what one of you went ahead and did for her man on this special day. 

Fridah who is 20 years old brought business at a standstill in the CBD when she surprised her boyfriend Mike,who is 25 years with 2.8 Mercedes C-class.

2.Bahati and Diana Marua.

Besides celebrations valentines day with his beautiful wife and daughter, Bahati was over joyed to welcome another member in the family, another daughter naming her Heaven. 

3.Erick Omondi and Shantel Grazioli.

 Prestige world motors  was smiled all the way to the bank on Valentines day when famous Erick Omondi went to buy his girlfriend Shantel a valentines gift. It definitely had to make headline for a car this type.